Thanks to Betty and Her Team!

Well the East-meets-West group had a great week. Some of these people met each other for the first time but all seemed to gel and a great deal of work was accomplished. 32 suitcases of donations were sorted and stored. Items ranged from school supplies to clothes to building materials and supplies for co-ops. The team taught sewing lessons (making a small purse) to women from Chitaburuy. The women from La Hermita were given a lesson introducing them to all the things a sewing machine can do.

Crocheting and knitting classes were also held. Instruction on how to make a body soap were given to the co-op from San Bernabe. In addition, a new house was built as well as storage shelves erected in the Centre of Hope. Over 200 food packages were prepared and handed out. The team got to meet our friends and families in La Hermita and Parrojas. People from our other villages met the team at the Centre.

This team had the unique opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony for three young people who have completed their studies and are now ready to join the workforce. Betty and Cynthia will be staying a while longer in Guatemala. They will be joined by Steven Hash from the United States. Then on Nov 8th Barb and the rest of her team will join them.

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